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Home » Online CAT Exam Preparation » CBT Faqs 2010

Expert View : CAT Faqs

CLICK HERE : Expert Suggestions on Computer Based CAT : 2018 - 2019

Expert View : CAT Faqs

How is the computer-based format different from the paper-based format?

The format of the test is more or less the same except that a candidate reads a question on a computer terminal and clicks on the correct answer, instead of reading on a paper booklet and using a pencil to darken the ovals on an answer sheet.

Can I appear for CAT for practice purpose, though I am aware that I am not eligible?


What does a CBT test looks like?

A Practice Test is available here to familiarise candidates with the navigation and functionality of the CAT. Note that the sample questions are not representative of the content or difficulty level of the actual test. A CAT practice test is available on www.onestopmba.com.

Who is eligible to take the test?

The candidate must hold a Bachelor’s Degree, with at least 50% marks or equivalent CGPA [45% in case of the candidates belonging to Scheduled Caste (SC), Scheduled Tribe (ST) and Differently Abled (DA) categories], awarded by any of the Universities incorporated by an act of the central or state legislature in India or other educational institutions established by an act of Parliament or declared to be deemed as a University under Section 3 of the UGC Act, 1956, or possess an equivalent qualification recognized by the Ministry of HRD, Government of India. The percentage of marks obtained by the candidate in the bachelor’s degree would be calculated based on the practice followed by the university/ institution from where the candidate has obtained the degree. In case the candidates are awarded grades/CGPA instead of marks, the conversion of grades/CGPA to percentage of marks would be based on the procedure certified by the university/ institution from where they have obtained the bachelor’s degree. In case the university/ institution does not have any scheme for converting CGPA into equivalent marks, the equivalence would be established by dividing the candidate’s CGPA by the maximum possible CGPA and multiplying the result with 100. Candidates appearing for the final year of bachelor’s degree/equivalent qualification examination and those who have completed degree requirements and are awaiting results can also apply. IIMs may verify eligibility at various stages of the selection process, the details of which are provided at the website under CAT Eligibility link.

Prospective candidates must have the following throughout the selection process.

* CAT 2010 Voucher
* Pay-in Slip
* Valid Email ID
* CAT Registration Number / Testing ID (provided to you after completion of your online registration)

Is there any age restriction for appearing in CAT?

No, there is no age restriction for appearing in CAT.

What is the fee for the test?

The fee is Rs.1400. If you belong to the SC/ST category then you can pay a discounted fee of Rs.700

Where can I find the voucher number required for registration?

You can find the voucher number under the scratch-off area of the voucher you purchase at an Axis Bank branch. Please ensure that you scratch off gently so the voucher number does not become illegible. Vouchers will not be refunded under any circumstances.

When will CAT be held and can I choose a test date?

CAT will be held during the period Wednesday, 27 October 2010 – Wednesday, 24 November 2010. Yes, you can choose a test date, test time, and venue across 33 cities all over India, subject to availability.

From where can I get the list of test centres?

A list of test centres will be available on the CAT Official website.

When will I get my Admit Card?

Soon after you fill-in, review, and submit your personal information during the online application, an automated confirmation email, which will contain your Application Summary, will be sent to the email address provided by you.

What details will be mentioned in the Admit Card?

The admit card will contain the name of the candidate, test date, time, venue, confirmation number, CAT Registration Number / Testing ID and instructions for the candidate

Will the Admit Card be sent to me as a hard copy by mail?

No. The admit card will be sent to the email address provided by you, only after you have filled in your online application and scheduled your test. It is therefore, mandatory for you to have a valid email account throughout the selection process.

Note: Admit Card is a mandatory requirement in order to test. You must bring a print out of your Admit Card to the test centre.

What are the different time slots for scheduling the test for a typical testing day?

A typical testing day for CAT will have 2 exam sessions. Candidates are allowed to schedule for any one of the sessions, subject to availability. Session timings are as follows:

Session 1: Testing will begin at 10 AM and end at 12:30 PM. Candidate check-in will commence from 8 AM. Candidates are required to arrive at the test centre no later than 8:30 AM

Session 2: Testing will begin at 3:30 PM and end at 6 PM. Candidate check-in will commence from 1:30 PM. Candidates are required to arrive at the test centre no later than 2:00 PM.

Can I appear for CAT 2010 more than once during the 20-day testing window?

No. You can appear for CAT 2010 only once. It will be deemed a fraudulent activity if one attempts to appear for CAT 2010 more than once. Admit Cards and picture IDs of the candidates will be checked, and candidate pictures and biometric information will also be captured at the test centre.

What are the timings to contact the Candidate Care helpline?

The FAQs, IVRS and online instructions are designed to enable self-service. You are requested to use these tools which can guide you through the entire process and help answer most of your queries. In case you are still facing issues, then CAT Candidate Care Support is available by phone and email.
Phone: 1-800-103-9293

Phone support availability:

Registration Phase: 30 August – 7 October 2010, 9:00AM to 6:00 PM from Mondays to Saturdays.
Pre-testing window: 1 – 26 October 2010, 9:00AM to 6:00 PM from Mondays to Saturdays.
Testing window: 27 October – 24 November 2010, 8:00AM to 7:00PM daily
Post-testing window: 25 November – 7 February 2011, 9:00AM to 6:00pm Mondays to Fridays
Is there any rescheduling fee?


Can I cancel the test?

No. Under no circumstances will a cancelation/refund be allowed.

If I do not take my test, will I be eligible for a refund?

No. Your fees will not be refunded in case you do not appear for your test as per your scheduled location, date and time.

Will I get to see my scores on the test day?


How does one know if he/she has been shortlisted by IIMs for interviews?

More information will be shared by the IIMs after the CAT 2010 results are declared on 12 January 2011.

If I do not get my Admit Card, whom should I contact?

You need to login on the website www.catiim.in or www.iim.prometric.com using your user name & password and select “Resend Admit Card”. The Admit Card will be emailed on the email address provided during registration. There is also an option for you to print you Admit Card directly from the website.

In case the website does not work and I am unable to schedule myself, how should I register?

The application and registration process for CAT 2010 is an Internet based online process. You can submit your application and registration form at an Internet Café or a similar Internet service provider. Please keep your personal information confidential. During the application and registration process, do remember to provide a valid email ID so you receive a copy of the Admit Card.

Can the voucher be refunded?

Voucher once sold cannot be refunded under any circumstances including but not limited to loss of voucher, inability to read voucher number due to mishandling of the voucher by candidate, candidate being ineligible for taking CAT, CAT not being a prerequisite for a programme, and rejection of candidate registration due to incomplete and/or incorrect information.

I hear that CAT will be held online. Is that correct?

CAT is going to be a computer based test (CBT) and not internet based test (IBT). I.e. Candidate does not take the test on an internet site. Instead of reading the questions in a paper booklet and darkening the ovals on the answer-sheet, a candidate will read the questions on a computer terminal and choose an answer by clicking on the correct option.

I hear that CAT will be a computer adaptive test. Is that correct?

No, CAT is not going to be a computer adaptive test.

Will the format of the test change?

The format of the test will remain more or less the same except that a candidate reads question on a computer terminal and clicks on the correct answer.

Can I take the test from any computer?

No. A candidate will take the test only at designated test venues in about 25 cities across India. Detailed information will be provided in the CAT 2009 advertisement.

But how do I do rough-work and calculations while arriving at the answers?

At the test venue, each candidate will be seated at a desk with a computer terminal and he/she will be provided with a writing pad with numbered pages for calculations. After the test, candidate must leave the pad including all the pages in it at the desk. Rough-work cannot be done on any other paper/sheet as nothing will be allowed to be taken inside the test hall.

Can you give more details on taking test in a CBT format?

We will be giving more details at a later stage.

But when is the CAT 2009 advertisement going to appear in newspapers?

Advertisement for CAT 2009 will appear during the later part of August 2009.

How much is the test fee for CAT 2009 and how do I pay?

Candidate Testing Fee is Rs. 1400 (Rs. 700 for SC/ST candidates). A prospective candidate buys a CAT 2009 Voucher from designated locations/bank branches after advertisement appears in newspapers. Sufficient time will be given for purchasing the voucher. More details will be available on our websites after the advertisement appears in newspapers.

How do I register for CAT 2009?

The Voucher bought by the candidate gives instructions on how to register for CAT 2009. At this time, it would suffice to say that candidates are expected visit CAT website to register for CAT 2009. Sufficient amount of time will be given to register online. More details will be given in the advertisement and the voucher.

How do I get my admit card for the test?

After you fill-in, review, and submit the registration information during online registration, you will receive an email containing your Admit Card.

Does that mean I need to have an E-mail account?

Yes, you must have a valid E-mail account throughout the selection process.

What do I need to bring at the time of test?

You must bring the printed copy of the admit card, one picture ID, and any other ID not necessarily with a picture. Do not bring any other material and personal belongings with you, for no personal belongings and materials will be allowed in test-hall. More details will be provided later.

Can you please tell me when will the CAT 2009 be conducted?

CAT 2009 will be conducted during a ten-day window starting at the end of November 2009. Exact dates will be mentioned in the advertisement.

Can I take CAT more than once during the testing window?

No, a candidate can register to take test only once during the CAT 2009 testing window. Admit cards and picture ids of the candidates will be checked, and candidate pictures and biometric information will also be captured at the test venue.

When are CAT 2009 result expected to be declared?

CAT 2010 results are expected to be declared by the end of 12th January 2011.

Abhinav: Respected sir, I would like to know that since the CAT 2010 is going to be a computer-based test, how different it will be from the older format of CAT?

Nilesh Sarawate, Director, Test Prep, IMS Learning: Every year the CAT has changed in some way or the other. This year, the change is with respect to the mode of taking the test. As far as preparing the concepts are concerned, there will not be any change. However, you have to go through sufficient online practice to acclimatize yourself with the online testing process.

Apurv: Hello sir, when will the IIMs announce the final pattern and dates of CAT 2009? Sir, when and where will the CAT 09 be conducted?

Nilesh Sarawate, Director, Test Prep, IMS Learning: The IIMs will announce the final pattern and dates of CAT 2009 in July in their CAT bulletin. CAT 09 will be conducted across various centers in India over a 10-day period.

Khushbu: Hello sir, I heard that for CAT 2009, one should be the computer savvy. My concern is that I am not very comfortable working on the computer. Will it affect my performance even if I am a more than average student?

Nilesh Sarawate, Director, Test Prep, IMS Learning: You do not need to be computer savvy to take an online test. All that is required is the ability to use the mouse and a few basic keys. Do not worry on that front.

Vithya: Dear sir, what are the good books to prepare for Quantitative Aptitude, Verbal Ability, Reading Comprehension etc especially for a computer-based CAT?

Nilesh Sarawate, Director, Test Prep, IMS Learning: The nature of study preparation doesn't depend on whether the CAT is a paper-based or a computer-based test. You need material that will cover basic concepts explained in a friendly manner, CAT application based questions for practice with explanatory answers and test papers. Also check out the material of most of the reputed MBA training institutions.

Ankit: Sir, please tell me how are test prep institutes, like yours, assuring students for preparing online CAT? Which factor should I look upon before joining an coaching institute for my CAT prep?

Nilesh Sarawate, Director, Test Prep, IMS Learning: 1) We offer a complete online study plan for our students which compliment their offline preparation. The online component of our preparation has a comprehensive mix of full length tests on the line of previous year's CAT as well as concept tests for practice.

2) The most important factor to look at for joining any institute is the kind of mentoring and counseling that the institute offers to the student at various stages of the preparation.

Apurv: Sir, since I am a working executive, I won’t be able to join any coaching institute. Please tell me from where and what study material can help me for online CAT preparation?

Nilesh Sarawate, Director, Test Prep, IMS Learning: Since you cannot join any institute, please ensure that you maintain self discipline and study regularly on a daily basis.

Shailendra: Dear Sir, please tell me do I need experience to get admission in the IIMs? Should I go for a little work-ex before applying? Kindly reply sir…

Nilesh Sarawate, Director, Test Prep, IMS Learning: Work experience is given weightage by the IIMs. More than 50% of the students in IIMs have work-ex and the rest are freshers. It will help to have work experience, but it is not necessary to have it before applying to the IIMs.

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