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Home » MBA Articles » MBA - Hospitality & Tourism Articles » Deficiency Study of Bhopal as Tourist Destination

Deficiency Study of Bhopal as Tourist Destination

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of necessary infrastructure and facilities at any tourist destination
is the first and most important step in maximizing the tourist
satisfaction and for the promotion of that
destination itself as major tourist attraction. The
objective of the deficiency study conducted by Madhya Pradesh Tourism
was to identify the deficiencies in the tourist destination in terms of
urban infrastructure, management of
civic services including garbage and solid waste
disposal, management and implementation of forest and environment
related projects and up gradation of electrical and water supply system.


The survey was divided in three parts:

* Primary survey of destination:
A primary survey of the destination was done. The survey instrument was
designed to examine the primary attributes/deficiencies in the urban
infrastructure like rail/road/air connectivity,
accommodation, transport system, food/beverage quality &
availability, water electricity supply, information mechanism, etc. as
well as secondary destination attributes like
shopping complexes, multiplexes, flyovers, ropeways,
signages, etc.

* Reports & statements of the government department/authorities concerned:
The study instrument was designed to get first hand information from
all the concerned departments/authorities like rail,
road, air, forest, M.P. Ecotourism Development Board, District Collector
office, Municipal Corporation, concerned voluntary organizations, etc
regarding their developmental
projects under implementation or under pipeline for the
development of the destination.

* Visitor survey: Random and unbiased visitor survey from the cross-section of visitors available at the destination was also
done to get their feedback and suggestions


1.1. Place


1.2. District


1.3. Location

(Madhya Pradesh), the City in Mid of National Highway 12,
(Beora-Jabalpur road), which link the city to many
large cities in north-west and south-east.
The city is connected by broad gauge railway line Nagpur, Chennai,
Mumbai & Delhi. The city is also served by regular air services to
Mumbai, Delhi & Indore. Bhopal is
741 km from Delhi, 789 km from Mumbai, and
about 200 kms from Indore.

1.4. Latitude

23.16 N

1.5. Longitude

77.36 E

1.6. Area

285.00 Sq. K.M.

1.7. Population


1.8. Literacy 

Male : 679308, Female : 487842, Total 1167150 (of district)

1.9 Gram Panchayat/
  Nagar Panchayat

Municipal Corporation

1.10. Places of Tourist Interest :

* Taj-ul-Masajid
is the largest mosque in the country. The building of this mosque was
begun by Shah Jehan Begum
(1868-1901) but was incomplete on her death and was
completed only after 1971. The most impressive features of the mosque
are its main hall with inter-arched roof, broad facade, spacious
courtyard, and smooth marble flooring.

* Jama-Masajid
Jama Masjid is
located at the centre of chowk bazar, a busy business centre of
Bhopal.This was built in 1837
by Kudsia Begum. This Masjid was completed in 24 years.
To built this masjid , an amount of Rs. 60.5 lakhs was spent. This
beautiful mosque has gold spikes in the minarets of this beautiful

* Moti-Masjid

Moti Masjid is architecturally akin to Jama Masjid in
Delhi. It was built in 1860 by the Sikandar Jehan Begum daughter of
Kudsia Begum (Sikandar Jehan).

Begum got it built on about five acres of land . This area is known as
idgah hills. Muslim devotees offer their prayers on ID and other

* Upper Lake

One thousand years ago ,Bhopal lake was built by late
parmar king Bhoj known as Upper lake. There is a saying that once king
Bhoj suffered from skin disease. All vaidya's failed to cure him. One
day a saint told king
Bhoj to build a tank to combine 365 tributaries and than
have a bath in it to wipe out the skin disease. As per saints version,
king Bhoj called upon his engineers to build up a huge tank. They
spotted a place near river
Betwa, which was 32 K.M. away from Bhopal. When this was
measured , it was found that it has only 359 tributaries . A Gond
Commander Kalia fulfilled this shortage. He than gave the address of an
invisible river. 
After merging the tributaries of this river the number
365 was completed. The Upper lake is divided from the Lower by an over
bridge and is six sq. km. in area. There are facilities for exciting
trips by sail, paddle, and

* Birla Mandir

Birla Mandir is situated at the highest point of Bhopal,
atop area Hills. Birla Mandir not only provides a spiritual experience
but also a panoramic view of the breath taking picturesque city of
Bhopal. It is a place where one
can have an overview of the entire Bhopal city. The
temple has a museum attached to it where there is a rich collection of
sculptures from Raisen, Sehore, Mandsaur, and Shahdol districts of
Madhya Pradesh.

Shaukat Mahal & Sadar Manzil
Mahal is situated at the entrance to the Chowk area in the heart of the
city. It was designed by a
Frenchman, said to be descendant of the Bourbon kings of
France. Shaukat Mahal is an architectural marvel and a cynosure of all
eyes. Sadar Manzil is the, Hall of public audience of the former rulers
of Bhopal.

Bharat Bhawan
Bharat Bhawan is one of the
most unique national institutes in India. This is a centre for the
performing and
visual arts. Bharat Bhawan is designed by the renowned
architect Charles Currier. There are a museum of the arts, an art
gallery, a workshop for fine arts, a reparatory theatre, indoor and
outdoor auditoria, rehearsal
room, and libraries of Indian poetry, classical and folk

* Manav Sangrahalaya (Museum of Man kind)

An open-air exhibition of tribal house types located on
Shamla Hills. The exhibition highlights the architectural features and
has elaborately displayed interiors. The surroundings have been
reconstructed to match some of
the interesting environmental features of tribal
villages. The habitat is open every day except on Mondays and national
holidays from 10.00 am to 6.00 pm.

* Fish Aquarium

It is situated near Raj-Bhavan and old assembly hall. It came into existence on 31st
May,1977. Covering one
hectare area fish house is built in fish like structure.
It attracts visitors a lot. Fish house is a double storey structure.
Upper portion has forty glass aquariums, where various species of living
and colorful fishes can be
seen. In the Fish house you can see Golden
Shark,paradise blue,Rosy Barb,King Kobra,Golden plata,Golden Gormi,
Tiger Barb,Black Moor and King Zebra.

In the lower section are 26 big aquariums. Here is kept
collection of fishes brought from state and national lakes,rivers and
ponds,Among these can be seen Rohu, Katla, Mirgal, Sawal, Padin, Collet,
Ticto, Pencil-Fira
and Bam fish. Fish hose is open for visitors from 1st April to 30th Sept from 1.00 PM to 8 PM and from 1st October to 31st March from 12.00 PM to 7 PM.

* Lower Lake

The history of this lake is about two hundred years
old. This was built by Chote Khan, A minister in the kingdom of Nabab
Hayat Mohd. Khan in the year 1794. Before construction of this lake,
there were many
wells, which were used to draw water for agricultural
and other purposes. But after the construction of the tank all wells
merged in this lake. The smaller lake is spread over an area 7.99 square
kilometer. A Century and
half ago the tank was maximum 11.7 meters and minimum
6.16 meters deep.

* Regional Science Centre
is a science museum located on the picturesque Shyamala Hills. This
centre houses about 300 science
exhibits in 'Invention' and 'Fun Science' galleries.
'Taramandal' and Planetarium at the centre helps the students and
enthusiasts study the astral and mysterious world of stars, galaxies and
the universe.
Stargazing sessions are organized at the planetarium for
those who want to have a real close view of these luminous bodies.

* Gufa Mandir

The famous temple is located near Lalghati. It is said
that Late Baba Narayandas founded it in the year 1949. In the large
campus of mandir, beautiful idols of Lord Shiva ,Ram – Laxman,
Sitaji,Goddes Durga and Hanuman
are built. People and devotees from different places
come for darshan everyday. A sanskrit college is also located in the

* Van Vihar

It is the center of attraction for local as well as
foreign tourists which is located on a hill near to upper lake in
natural surroundings. Wide spread lake water, turning roads,sweet
murmurs of birds on the trees,cold waves,
peaceful atmosphere and the natural beauty of van vihar
give a lot of self enjoyment. Van Vihar is spread over an area of 445
hectares. There are many wild animals like Tiger,Leopard,Panther are a
treat to watch.

Khatlapura Mandir
Shri Ram temple is situated near lower lake and district Commandant office. It was built 150 years ago.
Beautiful idols of Lord Ram , Laxman, Sitaji,Goddes
Durga , Sitla Mata, Lord Ganesh, Saibaba, Lord Shankar sitting on Nandia
attract lot of devotees and visitors. A fare is held every year on

Capital's Park
Park's beauty attract
tourists. In Bhopal, Main parks are Kamla park,Vardhman park, Kilol
park, Karishma Park,
Yadgare Shahjahani park, Neelum park, Naunihal park,
Ekant park, Chinar park and Nandan park. During evening these parks are
visited by by citizen's of the localities.
* BHEL Township

The sprawling industrial town of Bharat Heavy
Electricals Limited (BHEL) spread over 19.56 sq. kilometer and having a
population of about 1.5 lack, has a quaint charm of its own. This modern
township has been
maintained with excellent amenities for residential
quarters,shopping centres, hospitals, schools, colleges, parks, clubs

1.11. History :

Bhopal is said to have been founded by the Parmara King
Bhoj (1000–1055), who had his capital at Dhar. The city was originally
known as Bhojpal named after Bhoj and the dam 'pal&apos that he is said to
have constructed
to form the lakes surrounding Bhopal. During British
Raj, Bhopal was ruled by Nawabs and Begums. After independence it was
one of the last princely states to sign the 'Instrument of Accession'

Though India achieved Independence in August 1947, the
ruler of Bhopal acceded to the Indian government only on May 1, 1949.
Sindhi refugees from Pakistan were accommodated in Bairagarh, a western
suburb of Bhopal.

According to the States Reorganization Act in 1956,
Bhopal state was integrated into the state of Madhya Pradesh, and Bhopal
was declared as its capital. The population of the city rose rapidly.

Bhopal, the capital of Madhya Pradesh, is a fascinating
amalgam of scenic beauty, old historic city and modern urban planning.
It is the 11th century city Bhojpal, founded by Raja Bhoj, but the
present city was
established by an Afghan soldier, Dost Mohammed
(1707-1740). His descendants build Bhopal into a beautiful city.

two lakes of Bhopal still dominate the city, and are indeed its
nucleus. Bordered along their shores stand
silent sentinels that testify to the growth of the
city.  Bhopal today presents a multi-faceted profile;   the old
city with its marketplaces and fine old mosques and
palaces still bears the aristocratic imprint of its former rulers, among
them the succession of powerful Begums who ruled Bhopal from 1819 to
1926.  Equally
impressive is the new city with its verdant, exquisitely
laid out parks and gardens, broad avenues and streamlined modern
edifices.  It is greener and cleaner than most cities in the country.

1.12. Rail, Road & Air Connectivity :

A. Air:
Bhopal is connected by regular Air flights to Mumbai, Indore, Delhi. Airport is 15 km from the city center.

B. Rail:
Bhopal is on one of the two main Delhi to Mumbai
railway lines and also on the main line to the southern state capitals
of Chennai, Hyderabad, Bangalore and Thiruvananthpuram. There are direct
trains to
Amritsar and Jammu Tawi and also to major towns in
Madhya Pradesh.

C. Road: There are extensive bus services
(private and state) to cities within the region and interstate.
National Highway 12, (Beora-Jabalpur road) passes
through the city, which link the city to many large cities in north-west
and south-east. The State Highway No. 18 passes through Bhopal which
connects the city to Vidisha.

II Maps

2.1 City Map

2.2 District Map


3.1. HOTELS :

The capital lacks sufficient number of luxury and budget
hotels to suffice the increasing demand for rooms. The total number of
premium, moderate and budget hotels is only 12 in Bhopal. The city
encompasses a hotel
association comprising of 11 members.

No. of Hotels: (Association) : 11

Approx. No. of low category hotels : 400

* Name        Hotel Noor-us-sabah

Location       VIP Road Koh-e-fiza, Bhopal
Category      Heritage Classic
No. of rooms A/c 57 Non A/c

Tariff           Rs. 3200 to Rs. 12500

* Name        Hotel Jehan Numa Palace

Location       157, Shymala Hills, Bhopal
Category      Heritage Grand
No. of rooms A/c 98 Non A/c 00

Tariff           Rs. 2299 to Rs. 5399

* Name        Hotel Lake View Ashok

Location       Near Upper Lake
Category      3 Star
No. of rooms A/c 43 Non A/c 00

Tariff           Rs. 2200 to Rs. 5000

* Name        Hotel Palash Residency

Location       T.T. Nagar, Bhopal
Category      3 star
No. of rooms A/c 33 Non A/c 00

Tariff           Rs.1790 + Tax to Rs. 2990 + Tax

* Name        Hotel Residency

Location       MP Nagar Zone I, Bhopal
Category      4 star
No. of rooms A/c 46 Non A/c 00

Tariff           Rs. 1965 to Rs. 5865 + Tax

* Name        Hotel Amer Palace

Location       MP Nagar Zone I, Bhopal
Category      3 Star
No. of rooms A/c 57 Non A/c 00

Tariff           Rs. 1695 to Rs. 3995

* Name        Hotel Surendra Palace

Location       MP Nagar Zone I, Bhopal
Category      3 star
No. of rooms A/c 47 Non A/c 00

Tariff           Rs.1795 to Rs. 3995

* Name        Hotel Arch Manor
Location       M.P. Nagar

Category      3 Star
No. of rooms: A/c 31 Non A/c 00
Tariff           Rs. 1488 to Rs. 3950

* Name       
Hotel Nisarga
Location       MP Nagar Zone I, Bhopal
Category      3 star
No. of rooms A/c 38 Non A/c 00

Tariff           Rs. 1450 to Rs. 3495

* Name        Hotel Ranjit Lake View

Location       Near Upper Lake View
Category      Unclassified
No. of rooms A/c 20 Non A/c 00

Tariff           Rs. 1400 to Rs. 2200

* Name        Motel Kwality Shiraz

Location       Board Office Sq. Bhopal
Category      Unclassified
No. of rooms A/c 11 Non A/c 07

Tariff           Rs. 500 to Rs. 1050

Total no. of rooms available at premium hotels :277 Rooms

Total no. of rooms available at budget hotels : 211 Rooms

3.1.1. Deficiency Observed: Insufficient Accommodation

are six three-star hotels, one four-star hotel, one heritage grand and
one heritage classic hotel in the
city. The luxury hotels of the Capital offers only 277
rooms, while budget hotels offer 211 rooms. The total number of rooms
available is much less than that required. The city, being the state and
administrative capital
and nearby to most of the tourist destinations is the
major stay & transit hub of visitors and lack of sufficient
accommodation is a major set back to the tourism in the state.


Except for the four mentioned below, Bhopal lacks
luxury restaurants/fast food centers offering good ambience, variety
food and quality services. The city also does not have any branded fast
food center.

a) Name       Café Coffee Day
Location       Bittan Market, Bhopal

b) Name       Amer Bakery Hut

Location       Bittan Market, Bhopal

c) Name       Rice Bowl
Location       Mansarovar Complex, Hoshangabad Rd, Bhopal

d) Name       Amer Green
Location       Hoshangabad Road, Bhopal

3.2.1. Deficiency Observed

Lack of sufficient cafeteria/restaurants/fast food
centers offering variety of quality food/snacks and good ambience. The
city is devoid of branded fast food outlets like 'Mc Donald' or 'Pizza
Hut', etc.


parking facility is essential for the smooth flow of traffic.
Insufficient parking facility in the city has
resulted in on-street parking of the vehicles causing
haphazard traffic and traffic congestion. The situation is worse at Old
Bhopal city, New Market, M.P. Nagar, Bittan market and 10 No. market.

3.3.1. Deficiency Observed

Lack of proper parking facility and proper
regulations to remove encroachments is causing haphazard traffic in
the capital and grave inconvenience to the visitors. It
is also leading to traffic congestions, specially in the Old Bhopal
area, M.P. Nagar, Bittan Market, 10 No. market, New Market, Old Bhopal,

3.3.2. Projects Proposed & Under Implementation

Municipal Corporation (BMC) has submitted proposal for construction of
Developing parking facility at old Bhopal M.P. Nagar, Bittan Market, 10
No. Market.


and hoardings, besides helping the visitors in locating and knowing the
place, build the image
perception of the city in the minds of visitors. Bhopal,
being the capital of the state and connecting link for most of bigger
cities of the country by rail, encounters huge inflow of visitors. These
visitors could be
attracted to Bhopal and nearby destinations. But lack of
sufficient signages about location; and city map at Railway station and
bus terminal and airport showing the tourist destinations of nearby
locations is the reason
for not attracting the attention of tourists.

3.4.1. Deficiency Observed

are no signages and hoardings on hygiene and cleanliness as well as
about the tourist destinations of
the city. There is no display of the city map with
tourist destinations in Bhopal and nearby places at Bus terminal,
Railway Station & Airport.


conservation and beautification of the historical monuments is vital in
tourism. Bhopal is the city
of kings and emperors and has a rich history, which need
to be preserved and showcased to the world. But many monuments in the
city go unattended and the places are not maintained and no
beautification or
developmental activities are undertaken.

3.5.1. Deficiency Observed

historical monuments are not properly beautified and maintained. One
can find garbage dumps everywhere
in the city. The city is also deficient in signages,
information leaflets at sites, guides, etc. There is no provision for
night lighting of the monuments for augmenting the night tours.


Pedestrian facilities are one of the important
components of the urban infrastructure. It not only gives the pedestrian
space to walk, but also safeguard him in the high traffic.

3.6.1. Deficiency Observed

The city lacks pedestrian facilities on almost all the streets and roads except for the Link road.

3.7. ROADS :

Roads are the lifeline of the city as well as the
tourism. Roads play crucial role in building the image of a place and
changing the perception about it. Poor quality of roads make the journey
difficult and tiresome, leaving
the visitor in doldrums about the place. The condition
of roads in the city is pathetic. The condition of roads connecting the
capital city to other cities, specially Indore and other approach roads
is even worse.

3.7.1. Deficiency Observed

The approach roads
to the city and the internal roads of the city are in very bad shape.
The condition of
roads outside bus stand and railway station and in front
of 'Parayavas Bhawan' (important government office building), etc are
in pathetic condition and needs immediate attention. If nothing is done
immediately to
improve the condition and durability of roads, it is
going to cause irreparable loss to the tourism. Absence of functional
hierarchy of road network as a result there is inter-mixing of local
traffic with long distance traffic.
Absence of corridor development in the city has resulted
in high traffic congestion. Narrow roads, insufficient road length and
inability to remove encroachments from roads is hindering the growth of
tourism in the city.


of the easy ways to highlight a city on national or international map
is to conduct and host national and
international level sports and business activities
there. This automatically helps develop other infrastructure in the city
and promote tourism. It also helps in creating many employment

The only permanent exhibition ground in the city is
'Bhopal Haat', which do not have enough space to host
conventions/exhibitions of national and international level because of
its limited capacity.

3.8.1. Deficiency Observed

The city lacks any world-class sports complex or convention/exhibition center.


Attractive printed leaflets providing reliable
information are not available at the tourist sites and are available
only at the hotels of MP Tourism or with some hawkers.

3.9.1. Deficiency observed

Non-availability of the attractive leaflets/pamphlets about the monuments at the sites.


Handicraft/souvenir shops are favorite shopping places
of tourists as he wants to take home the sweet memories of the place.
The city has 'Mrignayani Emporiums' (Government handicraft showrooms) at
various locations in the city.

3.10.1. Deficiency Observed

Apart from
the government handicraft emporiums, there are no private
handicraft/souvenir shops near the monuments. Most of the government
emporiums near the monuments remain closed only.

3.11. GUIDES :

Guides make the
visit to historical monuments very elating by narrating the history and
stories. Guides are
absolutely vital as they are the ambassadors of the
tradition/culture and history of the sites. But unfortunately the city
is devoid of guides

3.11.1. Deficiency Observed

There is no association or office of the guides in the
city. The number of registered guides in the city is also very
discouraging and their availability is a bigger problem. The guides
could be contacted only through the
tourist Reception Centre or Tourist Office of M.P.


Entertainment activities, clubs, theme parks, recreation clubs, evening entertainment zones, discotheques,
etc. add lust to the city and are necessary for development of any destination as tourist destination.

3.12.1. Deficiency Observed

Though the city is capital of the state, it lacks the
entertainment activities/centers. There are no theme parks, fun parks,
night entertainment activities. Bhopal is also the transit and stay hub
of tourists as for
visiting the nearby places, they place themselves in the
city itself.


plays a vital role in the city. It is the first component of image
perception about the urban
infrastructure of the city. At present 39 Bhopal city
Link buses are operating in the city for urban transportation.

3.13.1. Deficiency Observed

The Urban area has many missing links, which affect the
mobility of the city in terms of circulation and traffic flow. Narrow
road network with restricted capacity particularly in the central area
results in congestion and
loss of productivity.

Many of the roads though have large right of way, their efficiency is not fully utilized due to incomplete road sections.

* Only 28% of the network has more than 8m carriage way

* It was seen that links falling on a continuous
corridor do not have similar carriageway widths thus creating
intermittent bottlenecks.
* 83% of the road network doesn't have medians, which affect the flow.

* Only 7% of the network has the facility of service roads to segregate through traffic and
* Local traffic.
* Only 55% of the network has facility of Street lights

* Large number of roads with large traffic flow lack in
the facilities such as footpaths and signages, which is a threat to road
safety. The mobility of the traffic is also retarded due to the
numerous junctions with high
traffic intensity, Heavy vehicle turning movements and
lack of channelisation of the traffic. Parking is a major issue in the
city of Bhopal because of high demand of parking due to concentrated
commercial activities in the
central area
* On street parking reduces the
effective road width available for the movement of traffic. Regional
transport network has the bus terminals in the densely developed areas
causing traffic congestion. The transport
terminals lack in the facilities.
* There are no proper bus stops and even if there are some, buses never stop there.

* There is no organized truck terminal facility in the
Study Area. Generally within the study area trucks are parked in
Bairagarh, Gandhi Nagar, Khaji Khera, Subhash Nagar, Nishatpura besides
the old city areas.


number of IATA recognized travel agents and tour operators in the city
is very less. The travel agents operating in the cit are:

* Name        Air Aman Travels
Address       MF 16, Mezzanine Floor, Mansarovar Complex, Opp.Habibganj

* Name        Air Horizon Travels
Address       104, Hamza Mansion, Opposite Old Taj Market

* Name       
Indus Holidays & Tours (I) Private Limited
Address        74, Kochhar Arcade, Zone II, M.P. Nagar

* Name       
Midland Travels Private Limited
Address        Reliable House, A-6, Koh-e-Fiza, Indore Road

* Name       
Progressive Tours & Travels Private Limited
Address        168, Mezzanine Floor, Maharana Pratap Nagar, Zone II

* Name        Garuda Travels

Address        D-7, Koh-e-Fiza

* Name        Travo Travels

Address        Sangeet Cinema Building, New Market, T.T. Nagar

* Name        Vasundhara Travel Division

Address        269-270 M.P. Nagar, Zone II, Near Sargam Cinema

* Name        Frequent Travels & Cargo Pvt. Ltd.

Address        F-5, 1st Floor, 10 Rangmahal Tower, New Market

3.14.1. Deficiency Observed

The quality and number of services offered by the travel
agents and tour operators is a matter of concern for a place, which is
capital of the state.


The city has dearth of shopping malls and there are no
good shopping junctions. Only small retail outlets are available at all
places. There is no chain of branded shopping outlet like big bazaar,
etc in the city. Only one
reasonably good shopping mall in the name of V-Mart is
functioning in the city. Though the city has chain of grocery outlet in
the name of 'Aaporti', and two outlet of 'Koutons' -branded men's wear.
Apart from this,
there is no branded shopping mall or shopping.

Name of Shopping outlet V-Mart
Location Indrapuri, Bhopal

Name of Shopping outlet DB City
Location Board Office Square, Bhopal

Name of Shopping outlet Aashima Mall
Location Hoshangabad Road, Bhopal

Name of Shopping outlet Vishal Mega Mart
Location MP Nagar Zone - I, Bhopal

3.15.1. Deficiency Observed

No big shopping malls or branded retail outlets are found in the city.


At present there is not sufficient multiplex in the city. But work is in progress at three sites for the
construction of multiplexes.

3.17. FLYOVERS :

There are no flyovers in the city at the moment. Anyhow, Bhopal Development Authority has proposed three flyovers in the city.


bus terminus, railway station and airport are the first places which
build/diminishes the image of the
place. Tourists/visitors expect high quality
infrastructure, escalators, information centers, map of the city, good
shopping complexes and a clean environment.

Despite being the capital of the state, there is no
international airport in the city. Also there is no connectivity to
other big cities except Mumbai, Delhi and Indore by air.

3.18.1. Deficiency Observed

Bus stands and railway station in the city are full of
garbage dumps. It is difficult to locate the tourist offices and get the
proper information. There is no display of city map or signages at bus
stand, railway station and
airport. One cannot find escalators at airport or
railway station.

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